Cleric Domain: Love

A heart captured by love can craft the greatest masterpiece, drive nations to unending war, or simply live their remaining years in peace and contentment. It is no wonder that »

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Seven Temples

The monks who study the Way of the Seven Temples have a deep understanding of ki, the energy in all living things. They have devoted their lives to studying the »

Druid Circle: Circle of the Solstice

The druids of the Circle of the Solstice are emissaries between the natural world and the spirit world. They uphold ancient pacts with the spirits that inhabit the land, sea, »

Connecting Characters in D&D 5E

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has a great new system that encourages roleplaying right from the start: namely the system of defining personal characteristics during character creation and how those »

Here Be Dragons: What Is It About?

What is Here Be Dragons? On early maps, the unexplored areas beyond the known world were often marked with illustrations of fantastic beasts and labeled simply, "Here Be Dragons." This »