D&D Playlist: Khet-sa-mun

Recently, I was invited to be a player in a new D&D campaign hosted and streamed on Twitch by Dungeoncrawl called The Disappearance of Fianna. The DM is the amazing Snicket (@Persnicketese) and my adventuring companions are:

  • Tolmon the halfling ranger and master of corny dad jokes, along with his faithful panther companion Pandel (played by Bryan)
  • Lyri the tiefling wizard, whose prim and proper nobility barely covers up a thick layer of snark (played by Em)
  • Briar the half-elven druid, mistress of ships both nautical and romantic (played by Christina)
  • Gaugaia the goliath barbarian and (mountain) valley girl, fearsome in pink and enraged without her Pumpkin Spice Latte (played by Angie)

I play Khet-sa-mun, an exotic aasimar paladin from a fabled land across the sea, who has a secret, troubling mission and a healthy amount of caution around arcane magic. I can't even adequately say how much I love this game and this group. We have amazing chemistry in-character and out-of-character and our heroes are already developing all sorts of hilarious quirks and relationships. For example, Khet's deep concern around arcane magic and magical items means he often finds himself saying "No!" to the poorly considered experiments crafted up by his companions, which earned our group the name the For Science Crew!

Khet art by @eTruffery

In keeping with my tradition of making Spotify playlists inspired by my D&D characters, I put one together for Khet. The playlist is just below and beneath that is a bit of explanation of why the songs relate to my angelic mother hen of a paladin.

NO by Meghan Trainor
Khet's favorite word in this group. I mean, they were considering what would happen if you ate a portable hole! No. Just no.

Higher Ground by Red Hot Chili Peppers
The world is a dangerous place and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Khet has only his friends to help him be the best person he can be and to stand against the dangers of the world.

What Makes a Good Man? by The Heavy
The question Khet asks himself every day. He is a danger to those around him unless he keeps himself in check. And what about the heart-wrenching decisions he may have to make for the greater good?

Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains
Briar, disturbingly keen on encouraging a romantic spark between Khet and Lyri, has threatened to toss them both into the portable hole together. A terrible idea given the limited air supply inside.

Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation
Khet contains a great and dangerous power within him that he keeps suppressed. When the cracks start to show, the first sign is his eyes glowing with golden wisps of radiance.

Thousand Eyes by Of Monsters and Men
The Vigilance is a secret group to which Khet belongs, an order that seeks to protect the world from the dangers of uncontrolled arcane magic, twisted relics, and power-hungry wizards. They watch quietly and act when necessary, standing against unspeakable dangers.

All Eyes On Me by LeToya
As a pilgrim from a far-away land with an exotic look and strange ways, Khet draws a lot of unwanted attention from the locals. When in cities, he often hides under the hood of his cloak or behind an ornate mask. He is only truly comfortable with his companions.

Mysterious Ways by U2
Khet's ways are strange, foreign and exotic to the people of Caskana. But strange even to him are the visions sent to him by his angelic guide, who has sent Khet on his path.

Shine a Light by The Rolling Stones
As an aasimar and a paladin, Khet often glows with divine radiance, literally shining a light in the darkness around him. Sometimes it is a harmless glow. Sometimes not.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Patti Smith
A cover of an 80s classic that sums up Khet's suspicious view of people. People seek power over the world around them. Arcane magic feeds that desire and allows man to conquer nature and challenge even the gods. Unless there are those that stand up to prevent that from happening.

Halo by Beyoncé
His companions do not know it yet, but Khet is an aasimar, a person born to carry a divine spark. He carries the power of angels in him and one speaks to him through his dreams. But living up to the expectations of angels and gods is not so easy in a world of imperfect people.

Gods & Monsters by Lana Del Rey
The world Khet walks is a world of gods and monsters and he stands in the shadows of both. Also, there's one line in this song which is a perfect reference to a particular interaction between Khet and Lyri in episode two. 😈

Angel by the Wings by Sia
This song reflects the trials Khet will face on his current path and the relationship with the unfathomable angelic woman who speaks for Khet's god and speaks through Khet in dreams and visions.

Dangerous by Two Steps From Hell (feat. Linea)
If you were to ask Khet, this song would be about him. He bears a destructive gift bestowed upon him by his god and Its angelic host, which despite his good intentions makes him inherently dangerous to those around him. But some (Gaugaia and Briar, I'm looking at you) might think the lyrics of this song refer to Khet's view of Lyri, who is clearly capable of being dangerous if Khet does not watch her, but yet is that the only reason he stays close to her...