The Warlock, Refreshed

Thematically, the warlock is one of my favorite classes in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. But mechanically, I felt they were underwhelming. My character felt really cool in my head, »

Border Genasi of the Para- and Quasi-Elemental Planes

Those touched by the influence of the elemental planes of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water are rare, but known to the prime material worlds as the genasi. Very few know, »

Lost Magic of Chronomancy

In mastering their arts of time, chronomancers have unlocked arcane secrets, some of which were lost centuries ago and some of which will not be discovered for centuries to come. »

Arcane Tradition: School of Chronomancy

Though all wizards lament the lack of time in one's life, daring are the wizards who utilize arcane secrets to actually challenge the inviolable laws of time. Chronomancers, as they »

Arcane Tradition: School of Glyphcasting

With the fall of the Glorious Empire, many arcane secrets were lost. Over time, arcane sages, historians, and archaeologists have begun to piece together a pale understanding of these lost »